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  • It’s artistic escape. It’s a challenging brain-teaser. It’s a fun strategy game. Puzumi has combined all of these elements into puzzles that will blow you away. They are as beautiful to look at, as they are to touch and play with. Challenging, yet creative. Try one and you’ll see just how fun they really are.



  • Mark Crosby

    I absolutely love these puzzles! They’re the perfect mind tease and there’s so much you can do. As a photographer, they look absolutely breathtaking. As a college student, it’s my escape.

    – Amy B. | Fort Lauderdale, FL

  • Andrew

    Discovering Puzumi was a breathe of fresh air. I needed something to relieve my daily stress and these puzzles are perfect. I can get creative and sharpen my mind at the same time.

    – Andrew Wilson | New York City, NY

  • Mark Crosby

    Much more than just a puzzle; it’s a brain-teasing creative outlet, a fun game and beautiful art piece. Once I come up with a new design, I put it up for display in my office and it always get compliments.

    – Lori Pipkin | Savana, GA

  • Mark Crosby

    As a mother of three, these puzzles are perfect for my children. They’re fun, while seamlessly improving their problem-solving skills and creativity. Vee-21 and Roundominoes are the best.

    – Jackie Gunderson | Eagleville, PA

  • Mark Crosby

    Completely mesmerizing. The pieces, the feel, the complexity and beauty. Iamond Ring is nothing but fun. It’s a true brain-twister, but it’s so creative and engaging, you can’t stop until you get it.

    – John Alvarado | Camrose, Canada

  • Liz

    I bought both versions of Roundominoes and everyone that sees them always want to play. They are so eye-catching and incredibly creative; it’s like an art work that always changes. It’s also a great way to pass the time and train your brain.

    – Norma Rodriguez | Santa Fe, NM


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