Top Puzumi Puzzles for Kids


Puzumi Puzzles are fun, creative and challenging puzzles for all ages. However, they’re also an amazing learning tool for kids, helping improve cognitive function and enhance child development. According to psychological research, puzzles can improve skills such as:

  1. Hand-Eye Coordination & Fine Motor Skills
  2. Problem Solving & Reasoning
  3. Visual Perception
  4. Creativity and Imagination
  5. Memory
  6. Social Skills
Below are a few hand-picked Puzumi Puzzles we think are best for children, based on both our expert experiences and customer feedback.

Puzzles for Ages 4 – 6


Vee-21 – Beautifully Designed and Highly Creative Puzzle

Vee-21 is among a favorite for kids. It’s easy to play with, offers tons of creative challenges with it’s large V-Shaped translucent pieces, and even includes multiple games to play with family and friends.

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Diamond Rainbow

Diamond Rainbow – Colorful, Super Creative and Challenge Packed

One of our most popular creative puzzles is also one of our best Kid puzzles. Diamond Rainbow is great for kids as young as four, offering easy creative challenges and can get harder as they improve. Offers multiple games as well.

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Hexdominoes – A Hexagon Themed Puzzles with Tons of Challenges

Hexdominoes is the hardest of the easy puzzles, but still an amazingly engaging learning tool for young children. It offers hundreds of different challenges that get harder as they conquer each one.

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Puzzles for Ages 6 – 10

Rombix Jr

Rombix Jr. – Combine Your Creativity with Problem-Solving Skills Seamlessly

A fan favorite for creativity, Rombix Jr offers thousands of creative challenges, perfect for ages 6+. Trying to create cool patterns and designs is just one of the fun obstacles and makes for a perfect art-piece with its included stand.

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Roundominoes – Very Fun and Brain-Teasing, with Hundreds of Challenges

Our most popular puzzle and a great set for children ages 6 and up. It’s a tricky puzzles, with tons of fun and interesting challenges, ranging from medium to hard. It includes multiple strategy games to play as well. Kids will absolutely love this engaging puzzle set.

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Intarsia – A Huge Creative Canvas, with a Puzzling Twist.

One of our largest and most creative puzzles. It’s like a black-and-white mosaic art canvas, with its own complexity and challenges. It’s a great puzzle to explore the creative side of children, while teaching them geometric properties and expanding their problem-solving skills. Includes a Display Stand, so they can showoff.

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Puzzles for Ages 10+


Iamond Hex – Simply put, our most challenging Puzzle.

One of our most difficult puzzles to solve, yet incredibly addicting. Iamond Hex will truly challenge anyone who dares to take it on, testing their problem-solving skills, perception, concentration and memory. It also includes a number of engaging strategy games you can play with 2 or 3 players.

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Super Roundominoes

Super Roundominoes – Thousands of Challenges. A Never-ending Brain-Teaser.

The larger version of the popular Roundominoes, Super Roundominoes is super in every way. There are more challenges, much harder obstacles to conquer, more games and more ways to get creative.

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Triangoes Jr

Triangoes Jr – A Deceptively Creative and Challenging Puzzle

A deceptive puzzle, packed with thousands of creative challenges. Triangoes Jr. steps up as one of our most creative difficult puzzles, making it both incredibly fun and brain teasing. Children over 10 as well as adults will really enjoy playing with and solving this set again and again.

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We understand the importance of child development, and we want to give parents the chance to have their child experience the joy of thinking, creating and exploring with a Puzumi puzzle. It’s a puzzle experience like no other that really, has no limits. Our puzzles adapt with the user, getting easier or harder on demand. Try one and we’re sure you and your child will love it!


Educators: If you’re considering purchasing 10+ Puzumi Puzzles for educational purposes (School, Daycare, Private Tutoring, etc.), please contact us for a bulk discount. We’ll be more than happy to accommodate you and/or your institution.