Our Story

“We want to world to experience the joy of thinking, with creative puzzles that always deliver.”

We love puzzles and how our brain works to solve them, but there was always something missing. Most puzzles we played with only had one challenge and started collecting dust soon after we solved it. We started Puzumi to meet that unmet – puzzles that did more than just puzzle you. A puzzle with multiple challenges and games that would bring enjoyment and entertainment for a lifetime.

Since then, we’ve partnered up with some of the worlds most elusive puzzle inventors, mathematicians and neurophysiologist to make, test and sell the best puzzles in the world. From the design, to the endless challenges – Puzumi Puzzles will continue to impress.



Who Designs Puzumi Puzzles?

Most of our puzzles are designed by the Master Puzzle Inventor Kate Jones, as well as other renowned puzzle innovators and mathematicians around the world. These Puzzle Guru’s have dedicated their lives (or at least a big chunk of it) to study and design these amazing geometric puzzles for the world to enjoy.



How Are They Made?

Each puzzle is crafted in Maryland, USA from the highest quality laser-cut acrylic-glass and then hand-polished for the perfect finish. These puzzles are not only extremely durable, but they look and feel absolutely amazing and always attract attention.