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Top 5 Most Wanted Puzzles

Over 30,000 people are enjoying our mathematically designed and laser-crafted puzzles all around the world, but which ones are the most popular among them? Here are the most popular Puzumi Puzzles and what sets them apart.

1. Roundominoes

With it’s colorful round tiles and over 10,000+ combinations, this puzzle offers an amazing mix of challenge and creativity. It includes an illustrated booklet with objectives, design ideas and three fun and engaging strategy games for 2 players. It’s even been rated a Top Puzzle by PuzzleReviews.


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2. Iamond Hex

If you enjoy a real brain buster, Iamond Hex is for you. This puzzle offers the most difficult challenges we’ve put in a puzzle. It includes a new illustrated booklet with hundreds of challenges, creative design ideas and 6 fun strategy games for up to 3 players.


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3. Vee-21

This gorgeous and fun puzzle veers more into the creative side. Its colorful transparent tiles and ease to tinker with are what make Vee-21 an ideal puzzle for kids and a stunning creative escape for adults. This set offers multiple challenges, tons of creative inspirations, and fun 3-player games.


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4. Rombix Jr.

This unique and fun puzzle is truly a creative wonder. The 16 tile set gives you the opportunity to create thousands of amazing designs, from roses and owls, to mesmerizing patterns. Over 30+ tricky challenges and a very fun two-player game are included.


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5. Triangoes

A deceptively challenging, yet highly creative puzzle that you’ll find to love quickly. Try to create an awesome design on this 8 ½ inch canvas, using triangular-based pieces where no two are alike. A great way to sharpen your mind. This set comes in 7 color variations, and 4 engaging two-player games.


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