Boost Your IQ

Creative. Challenging. Fun.

Puzumi Puzzles let you explore, create and play games, all while challenging you to think in creative ways. With multiple-levels and hundreds of challenges, it’s an incredibly fun way of improving your problem-solving skills, memory and IQ – whether your a beginner or a professional puzzler.


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Iamond Hex
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Super Roundominoes
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Diamond Rainbow
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How does it work?

No one likes being stuck in a box, especially not your brain. Puzumi puzzles sets your mind free, with the ability to create while challenging it at the same time. From easy to hard challenges to fun strategy games and creative art – every Puzumi puzzle holds an adventure waiting to be explored.

What’s included in my puzzle?

Stunning Acrylic-Glass Puzumi Puzzle (Made In The US)
Booklet filled with Challenges, Design Ideas and Games
Adjustable Display Stand (Made In The US)
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed