What are Puzumi Puzzles?

mind-oCreative, Challenging and Fun Puzzles that anyone can enjoy. Use them as brain-teasers for your desk, home or class, an always-changing masterpiece, or to entertain guest with fun games. Children of all ages will enjoy creative and fun challenges that help develop both their creative and problem-solving skills. Puzumi Puzzles make great gifts as well.

Express Your Creativity

Unlike normal puzzles, a Puzumi Puzzle can have thousands of different solutions. This makes them the perfect creative medium for both children and adults. Kids will love making different shapes and combinations, while adults can challenge themselves by making more elaborate designs and patterns.

Challenge Your Brain

Puzumi Puzzles are perfect for exercising the analytical (left) side of your brain. While they all have multiple solutions, don’t let that fool you. These puzzles can challenge the most enthusiastic puzzle expert or brainiac, and keep them coming back for more. Most puzzles offer the simple challenge of putting the pieces back in exciting new ways, while others provide difficult and more demanding objectives. Every puzzle has a different degree of difficulty ranging from easy to extreme. Are you up for the challenge?

How do they work?

Small Piece

Solve them by put them together. Try to create a pattern, design or anything artistic (all while trying to solve it). Play a fun strategy game with friends and family. Display it as Art in your office or home. Let your kids stimulate their mind with something fun, while improving their problem-solving skills and IQ. Do the same yourself.

Each puzzle is based on a mathematical concept and consists of a number of geometrically shaped tiles (Don’t worry though, you won’t have to crunch any numbers… unless you want to). You, as the player, have the simple (yet challenging) goal of solving the puzzle by figuring out how to arrange the tiles to fit the board. Each puzzle has multiple ways of solving it, from a few dozen (the harder ones) to thousands (the more creative ones), so every time is a new adventure. Once you have one, try to create a pattern or a design. The booklet included gives you tons and tons of challenges, design objectives and tasks. Some puzzles are even designed for multiple-player games that are easy to learn, yet require improving strategies to beat your friends.

See for yourself just how fun, challenging and creative Puzumi Puzzles are.

How are they made?

MadeInUSAMost of the puzzles are designed by the master puzzle inventor Kate Jones, or a pristine mathematician, and each is crafted by Kadon Enterprises in Maryland, USA. High-quality acrylic sheets, in either opaque, transparent, and frosted mirror colors, are cut to precision with their in-house 25-watt and 50-watt CO2 Synrad computer-guided lasers. Each piece is then inspected and hand-finished to perfection. We also have a few wooded puzzles, which are cut and crafted by hand, by the resident master craftsman, Dick Jones.


Do they go together one way?

Not even close. Every single puzzle has more than one way of solving it. Our most difficult puzzle (Iamond Hex) only has 55 solutions, whereas some of our other Puzzles such as Intarsia or Roundominoes, have hundreds to thousands of different and creative solutions.

What do you get by using Puzumi?

A lot of people say “They make you feel smart”, but we think it’s so much more. It’s the pleasure of an intellectual activity; engaging your mind with challenges that leave it sharpened, refreshed and relaxed. Finally solving a difficult challenge, or creating a new eye-popping pattern. It’s the pleasure of sense; touching and visualizing something worthy of being called an object of art. It’s the good times you have, playing a game with friends and family, or challenging them to solve or create something. It’s the appreciation of value; a play-thing that is so unique, versatile and multi-purpose that just one set is like a mini game room in a box, with something to appeal to anyone, of all ages and skill levels. Have fun, challenge yourself or friends, and create a masterpiece — The possibilities are endless.

What if I lose a piece?

No worries. We guarantee life-time replacement parts at a nominal cost for all our puzzles. Just tell us what game, what piece, what color you need replaced, and for a small sum, usually between $2 and $5, we’ll send you what you need.

How can I pay?

We accept all major Credit Cards, PayPal, Amazon, as well as Checks and Money-Orders.

What’s the Shipping Cost?

We want to make Shipping as simple and hassle-free as possible.:

Shipping Rates are as followers:

United States – Free Shipping (Priority Mail via USPS)
International Shipping – 15% or $25 Minimum (Priority Air)


Shipping charge (if any) always include handling, postage and insurance.

How can I reach you?

You can send us an email here