About Puzumi Puzzles

What’s a Puzumi Puzzle?

Great question! It’s actually a creative-type of puzzle (based on Geometry) that’s very fun and engaging. With more than one way to solve it, you’ll find yourself creating your own brain-training challenges (making that awesome masterpiece) or indulging yourself and friends with fun strategy games and social challenges.
They’re fun, brain-healthy, and made in the USA.


Flexible Brain-Training

Boost your IQ, improve your memory and hone your problem-solving skills. Every Puzumi puzzle gives you hundreds of fun and relaxing challenges (from easy to hard) to refresh and sharpen your mind.


Creativity Never Ends

With Puzumi, there isn’t just one way to do it. You have the freedom of creating thousands of amazing designs and captivating patterns. Imagine, challenge yourself and create it.

Fun Strategy Games

It’s not exactly chess, but each puzzle offers its own blend of fun and challenging strategy games. Enjoy with friends, family or guests.